What better way to enterprise a successful road trip than landing at Montreal airport, renting a car and travelling for hours on the never-ending roads of Canada? We will share some tips to help you and your loved ones maintain your health on this exciting adventure.

Eating healthy on the road

The inactivity of road trips and healthy eating can go hand in hand if you know what to have and what to avoid. You’ll have to think healthy and out of the fast-food quick snack box.

Drink water instead of soda: Constantly replenish your water supply at every stop and drink as little soda as you can. It dehydrates your body.

Limit your caffeine intake: Love coffee because it helps you wake up? Replace it with frequent morning exercise.

Buy local, fresh and organic food: Check online for food trucks, farmer’s fresh markets or local food fares to get healthy and organic food that offers variety and freshness.

Avoid small convenience stores: Stop at super markets or natural food stores whenever you can for preservative-free, unprepared food that you can always have a go at anywhere.

Check the menus: Look for low-fat small servings. Avoid fried items. Fill your plate with veggies, easy to digest whole grains and a little starch like rice or pasta.

Easy on the booze: New Canadian alcohol drinking advisory says 3 drinks for men and 2 for women per day 5 times a week. Alcohol isn’t calorie-free and specially not good when you’re driving.

Exercise on the road

Canada is a huge and so are the roads that link its different parts together. Prolonged lack of movement can result in cramped legs, neck and back pain, stress and indigestion. You can prevent these health issues just by following our tips.

Move during stops: When you stop to take a break, take a few minutes to stretch out. Look for signs of public parks, there are plenty of those in Canada. Make the most of children’s playground equipment or go on a short run.

Move while driving: Even when you’re driving, make sure you are keeping your muscles in motion with a few simple moves like tightening relaxing abs or squeezing the glutes. Just to keep the blood circulating.

Stretch in the passenger seat: It’s safer and easier to maneuver in the passenger seat with more options and room for stretching out your muscles. Make the most of it.

A list of 7 exercises to keep you toned during road trips

It’s always a plus if your hotel has a gym but even if it doesn’t or you’re out camping, you can always rely on 10 reps of each of these 7 bodyweight exercises to keep you in tone:

  1. Squats
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Leg Raises
  4. Sit ups
  5. Jump planks
  6. Frog Jumps
  7. Push ups

Canadian roads are a treat to travel on if you and your loved ones are fit to do so. Never forget about staying healthy during your trip!